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Signing on as a music producer to Achieved music studios can be an effective way to find work in the music industry.
These services allow producers to create a profile and showcase their skills and experience to potential clients. Clients can then browse through profiles and hire producers who meet their specific needs. This can be a great way to build a client base, gain exposure, and find new opportunities to work on a variety of different projects.



Signing on as a musician to Achieved music is a popular way to find work and connect with other professionals in the industry. These services allow musicians to create a profile, and network with Australian producers. As a musician you can then browse through our database of producers to get started on your next project, book studio time and release your music through our network of accredited label managers.

Meet Achieved

Meet the team

Achieved Music Partnerships

Mitchell Gunner

CEO of Achieved

With a knack for creativity and adventure, Mitchell Gunner has prioritised his love for music and performing to create a pathway for emerging independent Artists. He believes the future of music relies on its affordability and networking in order to make it in this competitive world. He has partnered with some incredible names in his venture including Eamon O'kane (Former songwriter for Sony Music, and owner of Antipodes Music Group) and Matt O'Connor (Founder of Hercules street studio, A&R department, and Oxford Creative Academy).

Mitchell hopes to build Achieved Music into a sustainable and high-quality booking agency, label management system, Producer management system and Artist management. Mitchell hopes that all musicians are eager to work with him and encourages all to participate and engage no matter the skill level or background.

History of Achieved Music Studios

Formed in 2021 by current owner Mitchell Gunner, Achieved Music has been developing and creating a pathway for up and coming musicians. Guiding creation and affordability Achieved Music hosts a bridging platform of talented producers/ sound engineers who provide their services to talented musicians.

With years of music business experience Mitchell is looking to take musicians careers to a whole new level providing free studio time with competitions, artist management, label management, music events, bookings, videography, imagery, artwork, publishing, marketing and so much more.

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  • How does payment work?

    We utilise STRIPE payments which accomodates numerous different payment methods such as apple pay and mastercard.
    To allow for further marketing and competitions, additional charges include a 5% booking fee to musicians and a 10% admin fee taken from the producers total earnings.

  • What if I’m not happy with the booking?

    To allow more ease of deciding a verdict we request that first what you’re unhappy about is discussed in house and to the producer. If this doesnt work we will then review both sides to identify if you’re eligble for a refund.
    Achieved Music aims to be understanding and compassionate and will take all disputes seriously.

  • Why is there a registration fee for Producers?

    To allow us to provide adequate marketing we have summed the business structure that at just $50 a year per producer we will have a suffiecent revenue stream to grow the business and allow future plans to take shape.
    After your first session you will already have sufficient funding to cover this small expense.

  • What can I do if I am harrassed or treated unfairly?

    We at Achieved have a zero tolerance for bullying or harrasment of any form and have no problem releasing messages only on request to officials in the event of a dispute.