Artist Insights: Joey Nass

Achieved Music Live Presents – Joey Nass

Vocals that will blow you away and a song to sing along to are what you’ll get when listening to Sydney’s own Joey Nass. My thoughts were how could someone with so much talent only just be coming into the Sydney music scene? Well, the truth is he is nothing new to the live music scene.

Joey Nass

Joey Joined us at Bank Studios, Sydney for a preview of what’s to come in his music journey as well as an insight into his life and thoughts with music and writing.

Having discovered his talent at the age of 14 when his childhood friend spontaneously begged him to sing over the phone to her he uncovered that he had gifts, unlike many others. He could not only sing a line from a song but he could in fact harmonize and hit higher notes than many other male artists. This would lead him to pursue music.

Joey developed his talent into quite the craft and began playing professionally in 2018. He became quite the entrepreneur setting up his own label which included live music events and artists’ releases. Now with his break out to the Australian music scene, his dreams are to increase live music in Australia with the introduction of his business Mighty Muse. Used mainly to promote up-and-coming artists in the scene for more exposure. Including Live music recordings, podcasts, giveaways, and more. The website currently features artists such as Larrisa Lambert, Xaysha, Lee Monro, and many more!

Joey has a great history of releasing enjoyable music including his most recent album ‘Order and Chaos’. Which in his words takes you on a journey of what he believes are the fundamentals of life as we move forward in the never-ending cycle. He touches his peace on how early ancestors created the theory that there could never be one without the other. In his words ‘Order and Chaos are the two fundamental principles of reality. There will always be one part of every existence that controls the order and one that takes the chaos.’ His album begins with a song called ‘Order’ and it is a great experience listening right through to the last song ‘Chaos’.

For his next plan of releases he is deciding to step back a bit from R&B and more into his new genre that you find in the song he brought to us at the studio ‘All Your Loving’. He is still in the process of recording more songs to go alongside this song for a potential E.P. We thoroughly enjoyed making this video and I hope you all enjoy the song as much as we do.

If you want to catch Joey live he busks regularly in these Sydney locations: Blacktown, Liverpool, Parramatta, and Town Hall.


Anmol Rai – Music Production/ Engineering

Mitchell Gunner – Videography and Editing

Full video


Like what you hear?? We’re now offering studio time with the official producer behind this sound. AGR is a credited musician and producer who is currently studying his bachelor’s at SAE. This skilled young visionary is the founder-producer of Gr Records and has worked as a part of Achieved Musics official team writing music, and producing for the live edits with musicians such as Shirina, Joey Nass, and Romy B. He has produced over twelve lively foot-stomping songs. His first song produced with his friend, Siddarth was ‘Barely 18” in July 17th 2019.

You can view more through the following link, including how to book or enquire.

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