Loop Queen Romy B – Boss RC-600

Move over Tash Sultana, we’ve got a new loop queen and it’s up-and-coming superstar Romy B! Also known as Romy Bruinsma this charismatic icon from Perth, WA has been busking and gigging since she was 7 years old.

She says, “Guitar was something I had an interest in at age 7. After some lessons, I was able to just learn anything I wanted from Youtube. My parents aren’t musical, but they always encouraged me from a young age, so I was comfortable expressing myself through music and writing. I would perform at little events/school to start with, greater opportunities came as I got older”.

Purchasing her first loop pedal at 15, the RC-1, second-hand Gumtree bargain. Not long after getting the hang of it, she wanted more freedom and control of her looping, so she went straight for the RC-300 for around $600, being the most money as Romy states ‘She’s spent on anything as a 16-year-old’. Now she owns the BOSS RC-600. To learn she says she spent hours upon hours in her room with trial and error as it was the latest version and tutorials were not readily available at the stage.

Romy B pictured in Canberra: Photographer Nic Mason, nicmason.com

We were lucky enough to have Romy in the studio last week to play a live version of an unreleased track ‘Come Dance With Me’. Romy has said the song is partly inspired by the confidence she sees in artists on stage, particularly Pepper from Spacey Jane. Having that charisma and confidence makes her feel amazing and she wants to give others that energy to be free and have fun also.

The song begins with a nice little beat she creates on her Fender Acoustasonic frame, before progressing to an amazing bass line. Romy then begins to play the chord progressions before opening the “Come dance with me”. The feel of this line to start the song gives an amazing warmth before she begins the first verse.

Watching her work the BOSS RC-600 with such ease was very inspiring and the confidence she brings in the words of ‘Come Dance With Me’ shows in her perfect performance.

Romy has been working hard to get the song ready for release with our official producer Matt Cayford (KFO.) from Hillarys, WA. She says the experience has been amazing and she can’t wait to keep working on the song to one day release it for you all.

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