Music Producing For Achieved

  • You’ve just finished a course in music producing whether it be a diploma or Cert 3.
  • You’ve built a studio and decked it out but don’t know where to start to engage customers.
  • You’re ready for the next step in your producing career but aren’t gaining much traffic.
  • You work in a fully equipped studio and want a way to engage more potential clients.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then let me tell you just why registering to become an official producer with Achieved Music could be the next big move in your music career and how you can start earning an income from as little as your home set up.

We get it:

We understand the importance of your work and honing the craft of production can take time to perfect. This is why we encourage all skill levels of producers to join our team in order to have a range of affordable prices for our amazing clients.

What is Achieved Music?

After years of work and development Achieved Music officially unveiled itself on the 29th Of March 2022. This online business which hopes to assist the struggling music industry in Australia has the optimal goal. ‘To create a more financially friendly music industry.’

How can we do this you may ask? Well, we saw a big flaw in how music is created.

To start with musicians create a good song. Well, what do they do next?

That’s right they want to get it produced.

Musicians starting out may be on a budget and not have the money to put in to go to a studio as big studios can cost upwards of $1000 dollars. Yes, it’s great quality and I advise everyone to try their luck in the studio. But only if it is affordable to them.

What can be done if funding just isn’t possible?

We saw the flaw and understood to the fullest knowledge.

There are a lot of talented producers out there that. You guessed it…


Jtan Studio – Melton, VIC

All you talented producers:

Whether you’ve been doing it for years for your friends or earning an income from an occasional customer. We at Achieved understand just how high the demand is, and as an industry continues to grow especially after the COVID climate, we want to encourage more and more musicians to give it a crack.

That’s why the best people for the job are the ones that have been doing the basics all along.

All you musicians that help friends record their tracks to upload to Unearthed or the ones that have been producing their own music for years.

What can we do with Music Producers like yourself?

By registering to become a producer today on Achieved and advertising your studio anywhere from $30 – $100. We can display you on our Hire a studio page.

This will guarantee promotion in the early days of a growing business. In April alone we have already managed to reach 80,000 potential customers and it’s only going to grow from there.

How to register:

All you have to do is log in or create an account and register. Registration is $50 per year and that is only to cover the admin cost of reviewing and approving your studio as well as providing funds that go towards the yearly marketing. After 1 guaranteed session you will have already made back the subscription fee and some!

What are you waiting for?

Sign up today on Achieved Music.

To see more please visit About Us.

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